Recommended Reading for Seminary: Paul, Divorce, Atonement and More

St. Augustine's Confessions

Every Friday, we come out with a list of recommended books for theology students.  Because theology – more importantly ministry – encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, we seek to include books on every aspect of the Christianity.  It is our hope that among these books, you might find one that either further encourages you […]

Recommended Reading for Preaching: 5 Books on Homiletics

Christ Centered Preaching

Preaching has been a part of worship services ever since God’s people began gathering to worship him – even before Jesus walked this earth.  Through preaching, God declares his truth to his people.  Therefore, every pastor should invest time and energy in developing their ability to preach. Below are five excellent books on preaching, many […]

Recommended Reading: Books for Seminary

An Introduction to the Old Testament

A seminarian’s life is a life of reading.  Throughout a seminary degree program, you will read thousands of pages.  In this series, “Recommended Reading,” we have selected some of the best books and articles assigned in seminary classes throughout North America. Every Friday, we will feature five books in a variety of subjects, such as […]