Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, TX

Grow in Christ at SSW
Grow in Christ at SSW

Located in Austin, Texas, Seminary of the Southwest serves the Church by training Christian leaders.  The graduates of Seminary of the Southwest can be found in Austin, TX, throughout the U.S. and all over the world serving Jesus Christ in ordained ministry, counseling centers and the armed forces.  The offices of the Episcopal Church (USA)’s West Region are also on the campus of Seminary of the Southwest.

A Seminary in Texas

Seminary of the Southwest (SSW) is a seminary in Texas.  In Austin, it is centrally located in the state and the Southern U.S.  Students attending Seminary of the Southwest are able to enjoy the vibrant culture of Austin, which is known for its music festivals.

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Seminary of the Southwest’s History

When Seminary of the Southwest was first founded in 1951, it was named the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest.  For more than 50 years, it trained students under this name, as one of the many seminaries in Texas.

In 2008, the institution’s name was shortened to Seminary of the Southwest.  The change in name was for convenience, and it came as the seminary launched a new vision for growth.  Although the seminary changed its direction several years ago, it did not abandon its history.  The school’s seal still reflects its original name.

Seminary of the Southwest’s Mission

Seminary of the Southwest’s mission is to form men and women who are mature in their Christian faith and can serve Jesus Christ in both ordained and lay roles.  As leaders at a Christian graduate school, the faculty understands the importance of academic training.  However, they also know that spiritual formation involves more than academics.

Seminary of the Southwest places a large emphasis on community.  Their focus on community is evident in the school’s mission statement: “Southwest’s vision is to be a community for formation and leadership within the church supported by a strength of program, endowment, and environment that assures excellence in theological and pastoral education.”

Seminary of the Southwest is Episcopal

Seminary of the Southwest, as its original name states, is an Episcopal seminary.  As an official school of the Episcopal Church (USA), Seminary of the Southwest is the only Episcopal seminary in Texas.

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Seminary of the Southwest’s Degrees

Seminary of the Southwest offers several theology degrees, of which the most common degree is the school’s master’s of divinity.  Colleges, as undergraduate institutions cannot offer this degree.  In addition to their M.Div., Seminary of the Southwest has several master’s of arts programs.  SSW also offers continuing education credit.

SSW Master’s of Divinity Degrees

Seminary of the Southwest offers two master’s of divinity (M.Div.) degrees.  They have a standard M.Div., as well as one with a concentration in Hispanic Church Studies.  Both of these degrees are designed to prepare students for ordained ministry.

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SSW Master’s of Arts Degrees

Through the Center for Christian Ministry and Vocation (CCMV), Seminary of the Southwest has a small plethora of master’s of arts (M.A.) degrees.  Here, students can earn an:

  • M.A. in Religion
  • M.A. in Counseling
  • M.A. in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care
  • M.A. in Spiritual Formation

These programs are meant for individuals who want to serve Christ outside of ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church.

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SSW Diplomas

Seminary of the Southwest also awards two diplomas, which can supplement a degree from an online seminary, one of Texas’ seminaries or another graduate school.  The Diploma in Anglican Studies is for people pursuing ordination in the Episcopal denomination, but who have an M.Div. from an non-Episcopal seminary.  The Diploma in Theological Studies can help anyone grow in their knowledge and understanding of theology.

SSW Certificates

The two certificate programs at SSW are shorter than the diploma curriculums.  The school has a certificate of Episcopal Theological Education for Emerging Ministries (ETEEM), which is a joint certificate offered by Seminary of the Southwest and the Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest (LSPS).  This is not a theology degree, but can help people on an ordination track.  At the CCMV, people can study a more general certificate program, called the Certificate Program in Christian Formation.

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Continuing Education Units

Pastors, missionaries and other Christian leaders can also earn continuing education units (CEUs) from Seminary of the Southwest.  These courses are offered through summer classes and their seminary online.  Through the Online School for Spirituality and Mission, people can enrich their understanding of Christianity from anywhere.

An Accredited Seminary

Seminary of the Southwest is accredited by several agencies, marking it as one of the top seminaries on line and among the best seminaries in Texas.  It is accredited by:

SSW is also affiliated with:

More Information About SSW

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