Online Seminaries and Bible Colleges

The best seminaries and top Bible colleges have always been leaders in theological education.  Many of them began with a vision to meet a need in Christian ministry training, but they continued to grow once this need was met.  Schools developed their curriculum, increased course offerings and opened satellite campuses.  Some also began correspondence courses, so anyone could pursue education at a Bible college or seminary.

Today, leading institutions in Christian education are online.  Online, top seminaries train men and women who are already in the field.  Missionaries no longer need to come home and pastors no longer need to leave their churches for more training.  The best Bible colleges online offer similar benefits, along with affordable courses.  These undergraduate courses allow people to prepare for seminary, without going into significant debt.

Below is a list of online seminaries and Bible colleges.  All of these schools offer degrees that can be earned online or through a combination of online and modular courses.  More information is available through each school’s link.

Online Bible Colleges

Online Seminaries

These schools can also be sorted by degree, denomination or location.