Non-Denominational Seminaries and Bible Colleges

Non-denominational seminaries and Bible colleges, in contrast to confessional institutions, do not adhere to a specific Christian tradition.  They do not require faculty members to subscribe to a specific confession.  At the most, non-denominational seminary schools uphold a broadly Christian, or perhaps evangelical, statement of faith.

Non-denominational theology schools attract students who want to learn from a broad range of Christian traditions.  Undergraduate students may choose a non-denominational Bible college, because they want to have professors who represent many different denominations.  Seminarians may select a non-denominational seminary for a few reasons.  They may hope to one day pastor a non-denominational Church or work for an independent Christian organization, or they may simply not know what tradition they would like to be ordained in yet.  Other graduate students may select non-denominational schools for their academic programs.  Since these schools let students learn from multiple Christian traditions, some of them have programs that traditional seminaries lack (e.g. psychology).

Below are the non-denominational theology schools in North America.  The seminaries are listed first, with Bible colleges below them.  Alternatively, theology schools can be sorted by their location, degrees or online course offerings.

Non-Denominational Seminaries

Non-Denominational Bible Colleges