Seminaries and Bible Colleges by Denominational Affiliation

As para-church organizations, seminaries and Bible colleges seek to serve the Church by training future leaders.  Many seminaries and Bible colleges have fellowships, pastors and chaplains; however, these institutions are not meant to replace churches.  Their role is to come alongside churches and provide academic knowledge, practical ability and spiritual formation, when churches struggle to adequately equip future pastors, missionaries, counselors and leaders on their own.

Most churches today rely on educational institutions to help them train tomorrow’s leaders.  Some denominations have schools that are officially affiliated with them.  Other schools find themselves largely in agreement with one or more denominations, but technically remain independent of those denominations.  Finally, some schools are not tied to any single denomination or tradition in the Christian faith.

List Bible Colleges and Seminaries by Denominational Affiliation:

Baptist Schools

There are many general Baptist schools.  Because Baptist churches are usually independent congregations, they do not have official denominations.  Most churches ascribe to a specific conference or confession.  Some seminaries and Bible colleges also officially agree with these, while others more generally align themselves in the Baptist tradition.  Click here for a list of Baptist seminaries and Bible colleges.  A list of Baptist universities and graduate schools is available here.


Other Options for Viewing Schools

Looking for a seminary school that is in your area, associated with your denomination or offers courses based around your schedule?  You can also look through the Christian schools by