Ph.D. Degrees from Seminaries

A doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) is one of the highest degrees conferred by graduate universities; it is also one of the most demanding degrees.  Ph.D. programs involve years of research, studying for competency examinations and defending a dissertation.  Through this process, people learn to do study at the highest academic level, and at the completion of it they make a unique contribution to the academic pool of knowledge.  People who have earned a Ph.D. are often referred to as “doctor.”

Ph.D. students conduct their area of research within their advisor’s breadth of knowledge.  Although a doctoral student is responsible for his or her own research, he or she will be heavily influenced by the advisors and faculty members of a school.  Therefore, people looking at doctoral programs should carefully consider the faculty members at graduate Christian universities and seminaries.

Below is a list of Christian graduate schools and seminaries that offer Ph.D. programs.  Click on any of the schools for more information.

Schools can also be arranged by their location, mode of instruction or denominational affiliation.