Master’s Degrees from Seminaries

The most common master’s-level degree is the master’s of arts (M.A.), which can have almost any focus.  Often, schools include letters after “M.A.,” which indicate the content of the masters.  For instance, many seminaries confer master’s of arts in religion degrees, which are M.A.R.s.  Other graduate schools award degrees that are equivalent to the M.A., but have a different title.  The master’s of theological studies (M.T.S.) is another degree common to seminaries.

These master’s programs are primarily academic degrees.  The master’s of divinity (M.Div.) degree is another master’s-level degree, but it is a professional program.  There is overlap between the two, but M.A.s are usually shorter than M.Div. degrees.

Below is a list of seminaries and graduate offering master’s programs in a variety of Christian subjects.  These programs are through traditional classrooms, or people can earn an M.A. online from seminaries.  For more information, follow the link to any of the schools.

Schools can also be arranged by location, denomination or classroom setting.