Doctor of Missiology Degrees (D.Miss.) from Seminaries

Doctor of Missiology (D.Miss.) programs are doctoral theology degrees that prepare students for ministry in a cross-cultural setting.  A D.Miss. seminary degree may be used to prepare a student for ministry overseas, in a traditional missionary setting.  In an increasing multi-cultural world, though, many students are pursuing a D.Miss. degree to help them with ministry right at home.  Students often spend as much time, if not more, in inter-cultural studies as they do in theology proper, although all components of the curriculum are theologically grounded.

Doctor of Missiology degrees are doctoral degrees, just as Ph.D.s are.  D.Miss. degrees, however, are less academic than Ph.D. degrees in theology.  They are professional degrees, essentially D.Min. degrees with an explicit focus on cross-cultural ministry.

The requirements to enter a Doctor of Missiology program vary from school to school, but most have a few basic requirements:

  • 3-5 years of ministry experience
  • An M.Div. degree (some schools accept an M.A. degree)

Because D.Miss. degree programs are designed to help people in ministry, they are often structured in a way that lets students continue ministering where they are while pursuing their degree.  Again, the structure of the curriculum depends on the school, but most seminaries with D.Miss. degrees do not have a residency requirement.  Many of the programs listed below are offered through intensive courses or online classes, where students can collaborate together virtually.

Here are the seminaries with Doctor of Missiology Degrees:

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