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Whether students are called to serve in North Carolina or North Africa, behind a pulpit or in a public school, Boyce College, located in Louisville, KY, has an undergraduate degree program to suit their needs.  Each of Boyce’s 14 undergraduate academic programs are designed to produce graduates who are serious about the gospel, competent to engage the culture and faithful to serve the church in various ways.

A Bible College in Kentucky

Boyce College is centrally located in Louisville, Kentucky on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  In Louisville, Boyce College is only a few hours from Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville, St. Louis and Chicago.  Even Atlanta, which is seven hours from this Bible college in Kentucky, is within a day’s drive.

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A Bible College Online

In addition to its physical campus, Boyce College offers online educational opportunities for those who are not able to move to Louisville.  Students can obtain a fully accredited bachelor’s of arts in biblical and theological studies or an associate of arts degree from the Bible college.  The online program at Boyce College is one of the best online Bible college curriculums that adheres to the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Boyce College’s History

Boyce College is named after James P. Boyce, who was The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary’s first president.  In 1974, Boyce Bible School was founded.  It became Boyce College in 1998, when the school started offering six bachelor’s degrees.

Boyce College’s Mission

As a Bible college that adheres to the Southern Baptist Convention, Boyce College seeks to prepare young men and women with a gospel-centered worldview.  Most of the school’s degrees are directly related to ministry, and even the indirectly-related majors help students form a ministry within a secular career.

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Boyce is a Southern Baptist Bible College

As an institution of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Boyce adheres to the seminary’s beliefs.  The college also agrees with all of the Southern Baptist Convention’s doctrinal statements.  In an age of uncertainty and vague commitments, Boyce clearly defines its beliefs.

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Boyce College’s Degrees

Boyce offers several different degrees, as well as a certificate.  As an undergraduate educational institution, all of the degrees are at the bachelor’s level or below.  Regardless of the curriculum chosen, all students here become firmly grounded in Christianity.

Boyce’s Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) Degrees

Boyce’s B.S. in Biblical Studies

Boyce offers the highest level degree that Bible Colleges are accredited to confer.  The Bachelor’s of Science in Biblical Studies prepares students for seminary or future gospel ministry.  Students can choose from several areas of focus:

  • Church Ministry
  • Worship and Musical Studies
  • Worship and Pastoral Studies
  • Counseling
  • Missions
  • Youth Ministry

B.S. in Elementary Education

The Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education is ideal for students seeking an elementary education program built on a Christian worldview.  The Boyce College Teacher Education Program, or TEP, is a state-approved program leading to state certification as an elementary teacher for grades K-5.  When they graduate, students are grounded in a Christian worldview and also a fully qualified professional teacher for either a Christian or public school with full state certification.

B.S. in Humanities

Boyce also offers a general bachelor’s of science.  The flexible curriculum of this program allows students to pursue their interests, while preparing for life after college.

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Boyce’s  Bachelor’s of Arts (B.A.) Degrees

The bachelor’s of arts program at Boyce College is large enough to offer several areas of concentration, yet small enough that students can get to know the faculty.  Students can earn a B.A. with a focus in Christian Worldview and Apologetics or Expository Preaching and Pastoral Leadership.  In addition to these, a Biblical and Theological Studies degree can be earned from Boyce’s online Bible College extension.

Starting in the 2012-13 academic year, Boyce College will launch a program ideal for students serious about gospel ministry: the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies, Seminary Track.  Of Boyce’s theology degrees, this program is the most accelerated.  Through it, students can potentially earn both an undergraduate degree from Boyce College and a master’s of divinity (M.Div.) from Southern Seminary in just five years.  An M.Div. has become the standard theology degree for pastors, and it alone usually takes three years to earn.

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Boyce’s Associate of Arts Degree

Boyce College is one of the top online Bible colleges that offers an associate of arts.  The Associate of Arts in Biblical and Theological studies can be completed at the campus in Kentucky or online.  Bible College students, thanks to the e-campus, can save money and study while in vocational ministry.

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Boyce’s Worldview Studies Certificate

The Boyce College Worldview Studies Certificate is an intensive one-year program designed to establish a biblical worldview in first-time collegiate students who desire to pursue additional studies in the university setting.  Students are challenged spiritually as they study under the direction of the college’s theology faculty, and they’ll grow personally as they take part in Boyce student life activities.

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An Accredited Bible College

Boyce College is accredited under The Southern Baptist Seminary’s accreditation with the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (COC).  As such, Boyce College is fully accredited to award baccalaureate and associate degrees.  It is also an accredited online Bible college and can offer these degrees through online education.

The Southwestern Baptist Seminary is also accredited by the Association of Theological Schools, which oversees the top seminaries in the United States and the best seminaries in Canada.

More Information About Boyce College

More information about Boyce College is available at the school’s website.


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